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In September 2008, The Lily Festival returned to the East Village. Local restaurants supplied the food, musicians came from the wealth of talent in the neighborhood, and friends and family gathered again in a show of support, in a display of optimism, and an outpouring of hope. They came from the far reaches of Long Island, Westchester, all five boroughs, New Jersey and Connecticut. Donations came in from all across the globe, in a show of strength in the fight against pediatric brain tumors.


The Lily Fund held a Comedy Night benefit at The Laugh Factory on the Lower East Side of NYC. We also held our first annual Holiday Family Photo Fest. Both events were huge successes and enabled The Lily Fund to spread awareness about childhood brain tumors and we were able to engage people and raise money towards our mission.


LilyFest 2012 was held once again on June 23, 2012. A highlight of the summer. Once again, our incredible supporters came through and the Lily Fund was able to once again Co-Sponsor the second Pediatric Low-Grade Brain Tumor session at Camp Sunshine and FULLY sponsor a brain tumor week at camp. To date, The Lily Fund has been able to donate $80,000 dollars to Camp Sunshine !!  A tremendous way to ensure that children with brain tumors and their entire family receive the best quality of life possible, which is so desperately needed.

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018


The Lily Fund continues to support one week of respite for brain tumor families at Camp Sunshine.


The Lily Fund  continues to work in partnership with other organizations supporting research, specifically the Low Grade Brain Tumor lab at Dana Farber and low grade tumor research.


We held our second annual Lily Fund Holiday family Photo Fest. It was another fantastic day for all of the families attending, and for us as well. As a result of these events and our extremely generous donors and supporters, we were honored to make our very first donation of $10,000 dollars to co-sponsor the very first Pediatric Low-Grade Brain Tumor Session at Camp Sunshine in Casco, Maine. We helped send 40 families of children with brain tumors to camp for one week.





The Lily Fund supports one week of respite for brain tumor families at Camp Sunshine.


The Lily Fund also together with some fantastic supporters launches Smiles on Christmas Morning to help bring smiles to children and families especially around the holiday season.

2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023


The Lily Fund is focused on fundraising for new initiatives


The Lily Fund as an idea was born on June 21, 2007. On that longest day of the year, a massive group of people came together in an unbelievable outpouring of hope and support for Lily. Together we created new friendships and celebrated old. We all watched more children than probably anyone had ever seen play and dance and just be themselves. Through donations and a silent auction, enough money was raised to help Lily and her family pay for her enormous treatment related expenses. Donations came in from across the country. Everyone was stunned by the strength and power of people coming together that day and night at Trinity Lower East Side Parish.
The list of who to thank would take up pages in itself. Instead, we wish only to mark their contributions in our thoughts, in the organization that grew out of this collaborative event, and in the photos below.


The incredibly positive, hopeful and healing energy flowing out from these two gatherings inspired us to come together and create The Lily Fund, Inc. Our hope is to harness this collective energy and use it to help all of the children and families who are battling pediatric brain tumors.

             Board of Directors


Nina Berott

Anthony Cabrera   
Tommy Gunn

Christian Huguenot

Dennis Langbein

Nicole Ronco



​​Corporate Officers

Christian Huguenot, President
Dennis Langbein, Vice President

Nicole Ronco, Secretary /Treasurer


Board Advisors

Marijke Briggs
Cresta Kruger
Olivia Harcourt
Fred Soffa



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